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Issue with Pause
« on: January 25, 2010, 21:03:00 »
I am running version 1.5.5 with seperate mysql,asterisk, and tomcat servers.  We have weekend support on saturday which is usually handled by a single agent.  The agent had logged in and calls were waiting in the queue but these calls were not being distributed to him.  At our call center, we employ autopause whenever there is a missed call so my first thought was that the agent was paused on asterisk but the pause status was not reflected in Queuemetrics (This happens somewhat frequently).  I ran a quick daily report but found no pause details on the agents tab.  I ran a few more custom reports etc but found no pauses.  I ran a 30 day report for this agent and found the pauses that I was looking for.  He was paused the whole day!  What I believe happend is that since this agent only works on weekends, he had logged out while paused last week.  Because the report I was running did not include the date that his initial pause took place, it did not show up.  is this a reasonable explanation?

Is there any way on the Asterisk side to have my agents automatically be unpaused when they logout?

Brendan Henry


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Re: Issue with Pause
« Reply #1 on: January 26, 2010, 18:12:52 »
On most recent Asterisk systems, agents are unpaused when they login. Or you could add an unpauseall line to the login script to be 100% sure.

Yes, QM does not look back so far when running a realtime report, or it would be too slow.