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How to contribute a script.
« on: October 06, 2008, 08:56:51 »
The Open QueueMetrics Add-Ons is a collection of user-contributed scripts that implement new functionality for QueueMetrics, or make it simpler to run it.  Do you have a script you want to share?

Joining the project
The first thing to do is create a developer account on GitHub (I'm sure you already have one) and fork the project at

- create a folder for your script, by making a copy of the "Sample Project" folder (see which files are needed)
- update the main page and the main navigation bar to link to your project
- update the project Changelog
- commit and push back!

All contribuited scripts should be either placed in the Public Domain or under the LGPL.

Releases will be out once major contributions are added

In order to manage activities on the project, this forum should be used.

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