Author Topic: Cluster, agent logon page problem. Asterisk 1.8, shows SIP not Local (Resolved)  (Read 565 times)


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The last post has been closed. So I'm opening this new "Resolved" post to help any others having this same problem and for our use down the road if needed.

So here is the rest of the story.

First,,,, here is our last post on this subject before it was closed:


Re: Cluster, agent logon page problem. Remote Asterisk 1.8, shown as SIP not Local
Reply #16 on: July 18, 2017, 08:17:53
We added this bug to our bug tracking system and our developers will solve it accordingly to their schedule.
Thanks for your understanding.


Here is the Resolution to Resolve this issue:

After two months of going back and forth on this we found that the clock in the Cluster and the Remote Asterisk Server where 2.5 minutes off from each other.

WOW........ once we changed the clocks to be the same, then adding NTP on the Cluster everything was working.

The problem we had and that is now revolved, was when using Cluster, Web page, Remote Agent screen wouldn't update as it should. Unless you updated your WEB page then it would show/update correctly.

What a happy day when we saw the Agent web page update on it's own. Now the screen updates as it should......

It's amazing how something so easy/simple can be over looked while using, exercising your best intentions and judgement for a repair of a problem.

I didn't follow my own advice that's given often "DUMB IT DOWN"........... Often if we are like Plankton at the top of the sea and not on the bottom with the sea cucumbers you will find the issue/problem much sooner. Don't dive so deep as we technical people like to do. Thinking we have a real problem here and are going to save the world using our smartness. Most often the easiest and quickest way to resolve an issue/problem is to dumb it down.

Hats off to everyone involved for there efforts, Loway, users and our staff.

What a great product, work and staff members that comes out of Loway.


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