Author Topic: Agents can't logon, sip registry is empty  (Read 1186 times)


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Agents can't logon, sip registry is empty
« on: October 23, 2016, 03:18:48 »

After installing Queuemetrics Espresso on 64 Bit Elastix 2.5.0 with FreepBX 2.11.0 and Asterisk 11.21.0, all went well until I tried to log an agent to one of the queues via the "Agent Logon" as it takes a long time and then timesout.

After pulling out my hairs for some time, I decided to capture the AMI traffic to see what is happening under the hood and realized that when Queuemetrics sends the command: sip show registry, the result is empty (no SIP registry entries).

The funny thing is that all extensions are working correctly and have entries in the sip show peers with ok status.

I have read on a forum to add registry = yes to sip.conf but no luck, same behavior.

Does any one know how to make Asterisk to add SIP registrations to sip registry ?



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