Author Topic: Issue with AMI Connections  (Read 1639 times)


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Issue with AMI Connections
« on: October 09, 2016, 14:54:25 »
I am trying to setup  a testing call center for the management demo. I am using Elastix 2.4 version, QM latest both in same machine. I had espresso installation. now i am getting error when i do AMI test

    AMI URL: tcp:admin:Sbarro321@
ERR   Originate failed. You may miss 'originate' privilege on Asterisk 1.6+ or you do not have extension 10@queuemetrics
    Not found: 37@queuemetrics
ERR   callfile.agentremovemember_ht not found Local/37@queuemetrics/n / 10@queuemetrics
    Not found: 35@queuemetrics
ERR   callfile.agentaddmember_ht not found Local/35@queuemetrics/n / 10@queuemetrics
    Skipping check for $EM@from-internal
    Not found: 11@queuemetrics
ERR   callfile.monitoring not found Local/$EM@from-internal/n / 11@queuemetrics
    Skipping check for $EM@from-internal
    Not found: 28@queuemetrics
ERR   callfile.customdial not found Local/$EM@from-internal/n / 28@queuemetrics
    Not found: 33@queuemetrics
ERR   callfile.agentunpause_ht not found Local/33@queuemetrics/n / 10@queuemetrics
    Skipping check for $EM@from-internal
    Not found: 14@queuemetrics
ERR   callfile.outmonitoring not found Local/$EM@from-internal/n / 14@queuemetrics
    Not found: 23@queuemetrics
ERR   callfile.agentunpause not found Local/23@queuemetrics/n / 10@queuemetrics
    Not found: 16@queuemetrics
ERR   callfile.addfeature not found Local/16@queuemetrics/n / 10@queuemetrics
    Not found: 32@queuemetrics
ERR   callfile.agentpause_ht not found Local/32@queuemetrics/n / 10@queuemetrics
    Not found: 12@queuemetrics
ERR   callfile.calloutcome not found Local/12@queuemetrics/n / 10@queuemetrics
    Not found: 25@queuemetrics
ERR   callfile.agentaddmember not found Local/25@queuemetrics/n / 10@queuemetrics
    Not found: 27@queuemetrics
ERR   callfile.agentremovemember not found Local/27@queuemetrics/n / 10@queuemetrics
    Not found: 10@queuemetrics
ERR   callfile.hangupcall not found Local/10@queuemetrics/n / 30@queuemetrics
    Not found: 22@queuemetrics
ERR   callfile.agentpause not found Local/22@queuemetrics/n / 10@queuemetrics
    Not found: 10@queuemetrics
ERR   callfile.transfercall not found Local/10@queuemetrics/n / 31@queuemetrics
    Not found: 17@queuemetrics
ERR   callfile.removefeature not found Local/17@queuemetrics/n / 10@queuemetrics
OK   Asterisk dialog was OK
    AMI Dialog took 708 ms


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Re: Issue with AMI Connections
« Reply #1 on: October 10, 2016, 08:55:32 »
Hi Almusbah,

you need to include the QueueMetrics dialplan into Asterisk:

Open /etc/asterisk/extensions_custom.conf and write at the end of the file:

#include extensions_queuemetrics_18.conf

then copy /usr/local/queuemetrics/qm-current/WEB-INF/mysql-utils/extensions-examples/extensions_queuemetrics_18.conf into /etc/asterisk

Then reload the dialplan (asterisk -rx "dialplan reload") and try again the AMI tester