Author Topic: Adding numbers to an 'IDLE' campaign via 'Upload' doesn't trigger new calls  (Read 1180 times)


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We are running a very basic 'telecasting' scenario where a message is played to numbers listed in a campaign. Everything works well when the campaign already has numbers to dial, but I am having issues when the campaign runs out of numbers.

The campaign is set to 'IDLE' when complete, so I would expect that any new numbers added to the List associated with the campaign, should trigger continuation of the campaign with the new numbers. 

My users login to Wombat and use the 'Upload Numbers' option on the list to add one or more numbers. After they save, we see the list is updated, but the Campaign still shows 0 calls to dial and does not advance to the new numbers.   If I manually pause/unpause the campaign, then the new list changes are picked up and the calls do progress.

We are running v0.9.2 of Wombat.

Is this expected behavior or is there a way to configure the campaign to 'refresh' it's copy of the list periodically?   We would like the automated mechanism as the calls to dial are selected at random throughout the day and manually refreshing the campaign is not something people remember to do.

Any insight would be appreciated.



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Hi alx,

with this tutorial we do something similar: