Author Topic: Dialer stopped working after update to latest version  (Read 985 times)


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Hello, I have submitted an email to support regarding this issue though I have yet to receive a response.

Ever since updating to the latest version of Queuemetrics using yum our agents have not been able to dial out using the dialer on the Icon page. While waiting for support to respond I have managed to isolate the issue, however the workaround leaves much to be desired.

Basically, if the agent does not have multiple "Asterisk Aliases" defined they are able to dial out just fine, however if they have more than one asterisk alias, dialing out will not work for them. My workaround has been to limit agents to 1 asterisk alias, however now they are showing up multiple times in the reports. Please address this issue ASAP as we were able to use multiple aliases in previous versions of queuemetrics prior to the most recent update.

Thank you.