Author Topic: Table queue_log requires a column 'data'  (Read 3506 times)


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Table queue_log requires a column 'data'
« on: July 07, 2014, 16:30:51 »

Am using Asterisk 11.2.1 and Queuemetrics 13.04.2. It was working fine without any issues till yesterday, due to power maintenance we rebooted the Asterisk and QM server. After rebooting in Asterisk console am getting a warning message as like below,

[Jul  7 09:25:52] WARNING[9650][C-0000086f]: res_config_mysql.c:1289 require_mysql: Table queue_log requires a column 'data' of size '0', but no such column exists.
[Jul  7 09:25:52] WARNING[9650][C-0000086f]: res_config_mysql.c:842 store_mysql: MySQL RealTime: Failed to insert into database: Unknown column 'data' in 'field list'

My Qloaderd program was running, Asterisk server is able to connect to QM server, since both are in two different servers.

This warning message is only after the reboot.

Am just trying to dig from yesterday but didn't get any clue.

The queue_log table is a standard table which is running for so many days, all of sudden am getting this warning message.

Any comments would be much appreciated.



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Re: Table queue_log requires a column 'data'
« Reply #1 on: July 21, 2014, 13:40:56 »
Are you using the native Asterisk logging or the qloaderd?