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Asterisk queue_log file into DB with Node JS.


I have programed a little script in Node JS which gather every line from queue_log file and put it into MongoDB; it haven't been tested with log rotation and needs support for MySQL and others DBs, if you have any comment or improvement, it will be appreciated.

It would be great if this is useful for someone.

You can check for sources here: https://github.com/chesstrian/qlog2db

Can we link to it from our OpenQm Addons page?

PS: why did you create it?

Of course you can link, modify and do whatever you need :).

I did it as an exercise, because I like Asterisk and NodeJS for realtime applications, i'm doing a monitor based on queue_log file, so that was the beginning.


Thank you! Just what i was looking for. Did you also manage to intreptert the calls with an aggregate? I'll have a go for that now if i cant find it on the net. I think its worth creating :-)


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