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QueueMetrics 12.05 released today
« on: May 16, 2012, 10:39:25 »
A new release of QueueMetrics is now available, which offers a variety of new features, improvements and fixes that we are sure you will find extremely useful!

The first point we want to highlight is the new QueueMetrics Home page layout, which has been changed in order to avoid any required scrolling of the page to reach all the available links. The layout is designed across multiple columns which are logically subdivided by type and expected usage. The new format also includes the introduction of the “QueueMetrics News” section, which allows to be always updated with all the latest from Loway.

The next major addition is within our Realtime Monitoring page. Due to popular demand, Call Centre administrators and supervisors can now perform a variety of agent-related tasks directly from the Realtime page.
We have introduced a new “wand” icon at the end of the “Calls being processed” panel which gives administrators the freedom of being able to directly access the QA form, close, hang up, transfer and listen to any listed call.
We have also added an “Add Member” button to the top control table and a tidy drop-down menu within the “Agents currently logged in” section that allows to log off, pause, un-pause agents and send SMS messages.

The new release also offers some very useful options, such as the possibility to create the QueueMetrics database with just a few clicks, thanks to the new Database Creation wizard that resolves any JDBC connection issues.
We have introduced a way to avoid the stripping of the “-” (minus sign) in channel names. By setting a property to false, the agent channel name is read as it appears in the queue_log file. Otherwise anything after the "-" sign is deleted (ie. SIP/203-abcd is read as SIP/203), if set to true.
Furthermore, as some Call Centres may choose to allocate higher values to an agent, given an outstanding positive job performance, you can now add extra scoring to particular questions within the QA Form.

Last but not least, QueueMetrics now automatically installs the AGAW extension when installed via 'rpm', although the AGAW runner is not activated, until required.
This new release also offers the Firefox and Chrome Agent Awareness clients which embed within the browser, allowing agents to perform other tasks while being totally aware of their own performance and the queue status. This feature increases the number of consecutive tasks the agent can perform, noticeably increasing agent productivity and improving SLA adherence.

Please rest assured that this release works with the same activation keys you used for your current version of QueueMetrics.

Enjoy the update!

Major improvements:

# 0733 - RT page 'Agents logged' Menu
# 1283 - QM Database creation
# 1599 - QA Extra Score
# 1600 - AGAW Runner quick install
# 1611 - QM Home page layout
# 1614 - Agent channel names with “-”
# 1615 - AGAW Chrome compatibility
# 1624 - RT page 'Processed calls' Menu


Minor changes

# 1506 - Agent codes trimming
# 1535 - Multi-stint mode filtering by agent
# 1537 - Build number directory
# 1538 - Home page multiple columns
# 1543 - Changing payroll pause properties
# 1547 - Database update testing
# 1550 - QM compatibility with Asterisk 10.x
# 1568 - Exporting jobs with Oreka
# 1572 - RSS Feed link closes QM session
# 1580 - Missing localization on QA Form
# 1583 - Wrong query result returning from RT page
# 1585 - 'Index Out of Bounds' in Overlaps
# 1592 - Testing system for database framework
# 1593 - Testing system for QA Form
# 1594 - Testing system for QA Reports
# 1595 - QA Report summary testing
# 1596 - QA Extra Scores form input
# 1597 - QA Extra Scores reports
# 1598 - QA Extra Scores report summaries
# 1604 - Espresso with FreePBX 2.10
# 1605 - Espresso with AsteriskNow 2.0
# 1607 - Overall QA Form scoring with shortcuts
# 1612 - QA Monitor Calibration
# 1618 - Fix for SQL Injection vulnerability
# 1630 - Payroll agent sessions/pauses with hotdesking


Get more information on this release

For an additional overview of the above-mentioned major changes, please refer to the “What's new” section of our website - see

Furthermore, we have produced some brief videos that describe a few of the QueueMetrics features and provide visual installations - see

If you require further technical details, our online manuals provide a broad information base for any QueueMetrics feature - see


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