Author Topic: espresso install failure  (Read 6507 times)


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espresso install failure
« on: September 04, 2011, 11:17:05 »
i am running asterisk 1.8 and freepbx 2.9 on centos 6
all installed from tarballs

upon espresso install i get

 Installing     : queuemetrics   10/10

The QueueMetrics package is installed successfully,
but we have not been able to detect your system's

Package: asterisk not installed
Package: asterisk14 not installed
Package: asterisk16 not installed
Package: asterisk18 not installed
Package: asterisknow-version not installed
Package: elastix not installed
Package: trixbox not installed
Package: queuemetrics version:
Package: freePBX not installed
Package: freepbx not installed
Package: qloaderd version: 1.22
Package: piafxtras not installed

i run ./

and i get the ready to rock message

sez unable to connect

i disable iptables and then i can connect
i paste lic key hit run and the connection vanishes
the page vanishes, and i cannot re-connect

what rule to add to iptables to allow connection ?

here is what i get after i paste the lic key

type Status report

message This application is not currently available

description The requested service (This application is not currently available) is not currently available.

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Re: espresso install failure
« Reply #1 on: September 06, 2011, 09:14:41 »
We do not support Espresso natively on Centos - it only works for the common PBX distros.


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