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Well our servers have been up for 6 months now, so I believe it works  :)

I apologize if this is a solved issue, but since I don't see it marked as SOLVED I'd like to contribute with my own experience.

I had the same issue using a softphone (tested Zoiper, X-Lite, 3CX and Micro SIP), Asterisk 11 (using chan_sip module instead of pjsip) and FreePBX 14 on my PBX. As Mirko said, QM has nothing to do with this; it is all about configuration on the PBX side.

The situation was as follows: the agent would receive a cal from Queue 01, however if a call rings in Queue 02 it would start the ringing alert (visual and sound) on the agent screen, of course this is really annoying for the agents, especially if they are logged in different high traffic queues.

We came up with 2 solutions for this:

1. MicroSIP has a parameter that sets the device to busy once he has 1 call (check documentation); along with disabling the alerts for MicroSIP would work. This works but it isn't ideal because the PBX will keep sending ringing alerts and the logs will be filled up with busy responses.

2. In FreePBX, the Skip Busy Agent configuration must be checked for "Yes+ringinuse=no" this will monitor the device status instead and therefore skip the extension device and not send the ring alert. On a side note, despite the ring strategy, I recommend using the Autofill configuration, check the documentation and you will see why.

Hope this help future readers.

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