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Hello Mirko,

I did what you said and everything works perfect. 

Thank you very much.



Many thanks, I will try that.  It is configured with file access as you say.

I will post back the results.

Best regards.


I have just installed Queuemetrics 16.10.3 under Elastix 2.5.0 that is:

CentOS 5.11
Asterisk 11.21.0
FreePBX 2.11

The system is currently working, agents log in, add member to queue, realtime monitoring works, etc.

When agent logs into the web and joins one of the available queues, the Queue momentarily moves to the right side but after a while (timeout), it returns to the left side. 

The agent joins successfully the queue as it now receives calls and queue show command shows agent is logged in.

If you log out ot the webconsole and re-login again, "Agnt Logon" widget shows the queue on the right side as it it was successfully joined.

If you un-join the queue, the operation is successfull as can be confirmed with "queue show" but after timing out, the queue goes from the left side to the right side again.

If agent logs out of the webconsole and re-login again, you can now see no Logged in queues.

The same happens with the pause widget, when you submit a pause condition, the agent is successfully paused but the widget does not get updated and still has the pause button active and Unpause button disable.

If you log out of the webconsole and re-log in, you now can see the Unpause button enable and the pause button disable.

I have verified AMI is working fine by even capturing on the wire the AMI session and inspecting it with Wireshark.

I have tried everything I found on this forum about this problem but no success.

Any idea ?
Thanks in advance.


After installing Queuemetrics Espresso on 64 Bit Elastix 2.5.0 with FreepBX 2.11.0 and Asterisk 11.21.0, all went well until I tried to log an agent to one of the queues via the "Agent Logon" as it takes a long time and then timesout.

After pulling out my hairs for some time, I decided to capture the AMI traffic to see what is happening under the hood and realized that when Queuemetrics sends the command: sip show registry, the result is empty (no SIP registry entries).

The funny thing is that all extensions are working correctly and have entries in the sip show peers with ok status.

I have read on a forum to add registry = yes to sip.conf but no luck, same behavior.

Does any one know how to make Asterisk to add SIP registrations to sip registry ?



I have just installed a Queuemetrics Espresso version over a clean installation of Elastix 2.5.0 64-bits distribution which comes with FreePBX 2.11 and Asterisk 11.21.0

All went ok, I was able to create extensions, queues, etc according to instructions.

When I log into the agent web portal and open the Agent Logon window, then enter the current Operator extension and click on the queue and the ">" button to log into the Queue, it takes a long time and when timeout, the agent is not being logged on into the queue.

I googled arround, check all parameters, etc and then, I tcpdumped and wiresharked the AMI session to see what is happening.  At first, I thought the AMI was not being logged on successfully but then, I follow all the AMI commands when login into the queue and found that 'sip show registry" is empty.

However, sip show peers show all extensiones logged in correctly and I am able to receive/place calls without any issue.

Agent can't log into the queue via the "Agent Logon" windows because there is no SIP registry entry.

I tried to add registry = yes into the sip.conf with no result.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


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