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If you are trying to send commands to the PBX through QueueMetrics, but nothing happens, there is probably an issue with the AMI connection between QueueMetrics and the PBX.

In this new tutorial guide we will take a look at the different parts you need to set up in order to send commands to the PBX correctly.

Read it now:

With this new tutorial you will be able to set up an effective answering-machine detection (AMD) system for your call center, using WombatDialer predictive dialer for Asterisk PBX.

We want to run an outbound campaign, in which we play a file and wait for the receiver’s acknowledgment by pressing a selected key. We want to make sure that in case the receiver has an Answering Machine we will get a specific audio message that will be recorded by their machine.

Discover how:

3, a popular B2B software review platform, has assigned the “Premium Usability” and the “Rising Star” awards to our product QueueMetrics-Live.

Recognized under their best Top 12 VoIP Software category, QueueMetrics-Live was distinguished with both industry awards for passing the high quality standards set by FinancesOnline’s experts. The review platform reserves this industry award to software companies that provide an exceptional user experience and unparalleled ease of use for executing one’s day to day tasks and projects. Similarly, the Rising Star award acknowledges QueueMetrics-Live as a monitoring and reporting software trusted by Asterisk-based PBX.

The QueueMetrics-Live overview sheds more light on FinancesOnline’s findings. As stated by the review team, some of the notable features and key benefits that set us apart from other VoIP software alternatives include:
Real-time analysis on a custom dashboard that displays all important KPIs.
“Unmatched scalability” that makes it easy to handle sudden spikes and large drops in calls.
Agent management tools that simplify tracking of call conversions.
Effortless and fast deployment.
Cost-effectiveness due to its subscription-based pricing that can be adjusted based on a user’s changing business requirements.

We want to thank the team of for the acknowledgment of our work and we will put all our efforts to confirm their trust in our products.

You can read the full review on and if you are already our customer don’t miss to leave your feedback.

QueueMetrics news / Troubleshooting: QueueMetrics Agents setup guide
« on: January 31, 2019, 11:23:18 »
Agent configuration in QueueMetrics monitor for Asterisk PBX can vary, depending on the PBX setup.
In this guide we go through the steps you need to take to ensure that your agents are correctly setup.

Learn how to easily setup your agents in QueueMetrics.

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QueueMetrics monitoring suite for Asterisk PBX is not an especially resource-hungry application and is built to be quite thrifty, but as a tool that can be used in multiple ways and to run possibly very large reports, it is sometimes needed to do a little analysis beforehand.

While actual numbers depend heavily on the specific usage patterns, there are some general guidelines one can follow in dimensioning.

Discover how with this new tutorial:

AstriCon, the longest-running event devoted to all-things Asterisk, celebrated its 15th year in Orlando.

In 2018 Loway launched a customer satisfaction survey in order to understand the broad trends impacting on Asterisk based call centres.
Which PBX model is the most used worldwide? Are customers and users satisfied? How big are Asterisk call centers?

These are questions that this satisfaction survey, unique in the Asterisk market, answered for the first time.
Results were presented by Loway's Founder in a live session during AstriCon Orlando.

Watch the conference on

In 2014 we released the first Asterisk call center satisfaction survey. We ran the survey as a tool to analyze satisfaction on existing #QueueMetrics users. But results went on the direction of an overview of the Asterisk call-center industry in 2014 - 2015 (

In 2018 we launched a similar survey and planned to offer it not just to QueueMetrics users but to the Asterisk contact center worldwide community.

The results are finally here!

Discover now "Asterisk in the Contact Centre Satisfaction Report 2018".

Visit the survey page at

QueueMetrics news / IVR: The Call Center Warm-Up Band
« on: November 09, 2018, 10:19:09 »
Tips and tricks for a successful IVR management.

Discover the secrets for an effective callcenter IVR management and activity tracking in this new article by Allison Smith (@voicegal) for the QueueMetrics monitoring suite technical blog.

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What is the advantage of using the Icon agent page of QueueMetrics to manage pause codes?

QueueMetrics suite for Asterisk call centers lets your Agents manage their own pause status, allowing you to track reliably and consistently their working day.

Pause codes can be customized to suite your needs and are designed so you can run reports with them included. 
Learn how in this new tutorial:

AstriCon, the longest-running event devoted to all-things Asterisk, is celebrating its 15th year in Orlando.

In 2014, Loway ran a call center survey for the Asterisk platform with interesting results. In 2018 Loway launched a similar survey and planned to offer it not just to QueueMetrics users but to the community of Asterisk contact centers in general.

Which model of PBX is the most used worldwide?
How satisfied are customers and users?
How big are Asterisk call-centers?
And more!

Results are finally here and will be presented by Loway's Founder in a special session at AstriCon 2018 in Orlando, Florida, October 10.

Join us in Orlando:

Why should you upgrade from the old Qloaderd to the new Uniloader?

What benefits does it bring?

Discover in this new tutorial how to get a more stable loader for QueueMetrics that makes easier to diagnose issues and perform administrative tasks for useful functions on an Asterisk system connected with QueueMetrics.
Generate music-on-hold events on queues, outbound call tracking, parked calls tracking as if they were calls handled on a queue and much more.

Read it now for Free:

You want to create simple but effective QueueMetrics reports that only show the information you really need? Do you feel the need to have different reports for different situation to improve your workflow?

QueueMetrics is a monitoring and reporting suite that addresses the needs of thousands of contact centers worldwide and offers a broad range of integrated benefits like agent productivity monitoring, target measurement, conversion rates tracking, realtime statistics analysis, wallboards and an easy to use interface.

Learn how to create a simple effective report with all the information you need:

With this new tutorial you will learn how to activate the QueueMetrics-WombatDialer Recall Scheduling feature.

One of the most common call center scenario, during an outbound dialing campaign, sees the customer potentially interested not available at call time, so the agent agrees on a better time for the conversation. 

QueueMetrics Icon Agent Page allows agents to reschedule the call immediately without having to worry about tracking down all the recalls.

The rescheduled call will be handled by a specific campaign on WombatDialer and will be executed automatically at a set date and time.


In this tutorial, you will learn how to setup your QueueMetrics-Live system in order for it to retrieve call recordings stored with Atmos CallCabinet Call Recording Solution.

Atmos CallCabinet for QueueMetrics-Live provides QueueMetrics’ customers with secure and accurate cloud call recordings for their Asterisk PBX based call centers. It includes a pluggable listener module that allows customers to listen to recordings that are being stored remotely in the cloud.

Read more

Request your Atmos CallCabinet for QueueMetrics-Live trial here

A common scenario in most call-centers, is one where the same user calls multiple times, regarding the same matter to be addressed.

The problem with this situations is: how can we track client interactions, clustering the data in a sensible way and allowing tracking of specific situations rather than manually investigate each single call coming from the same Caller-ID?

First-Call-Resolution is a tool that allows you to do that, grouping calls from the same Caller-ID and allowing you to create high level reports oriented to productivity and performance .

Find out more at

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