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QueueMetrics news / QueueMetrics Tutorial: Wallboard Queue Filtering
« on: January 17, 2018, 14:41:20 »
Do you ever wish you could create your own custom wallboard to understand at a glance whatís going on in your Asterisk call center?
Do you need to monitor multiple queues as a single entity, yet maintaining a perception of how the singular queues are doing?
If the answer is yes, read now the new tutorial about queue management with QueueMetrics:

A lot happens in your call center everyday, and itís often hard to keep track of how your agents are performing every day. Data collection can be a tiring job, and making sense of it all itís even harder.

Would you like to have detailed reports about your call-center performance, neatly organized and formatted as you choose them to be, delivered automatically to you by email at regular intervals?

Discover how in this new tutorial for QueueMetrics-Live Asterisk call-center suite.

Read the tutorial at

Preview dialing is a type of reverse dialing available since the first WombatDialer predictive dialer versions.
Using this feature the agent has a chance to ďpreviewĒ the number that has to be called before actually having a call placed.

Discover in this new tutorial how to make it easy with Wombat.

Read the full tutorial

During the last year Loway worked on a number of themes that made WombatDialer predictive dialer for Asterisk PBX an excellent tool for call center outbound campaign management.

This includes the development of Reverse Dialing and Reverse Stepwise Dialing features, as well as AMD/Fax detection, Black lists and Robinson lists.

Read more

Discover in this new tutorial how to automatically track normal outbound calls with QueueMetrics callcenter software for Asterisk PBX. 
We will guide you step by step through the several benefits of using the new outbound call tracking feature of QueueMetrics' Uniloader in your daily call center management.

In this tutorial you will learn how to use the new Outbound Call Tracking feature of QueueMetrics' UniLoader. This feature allows QueueMetrics software for Asterisk to track outbound calls without resorting to DialPlan additions.
Itís a simple and effective setup that allows users to monitor outbound calls through the Real-Time page, the Agent page or through the Reports of QueueMetrics call center suite.

Read the full tutorial

QueueMetrics news / Thursday QueueMetrics Webinar Series
« on: October 25, 2017, 09:13:22 »
Find the most valuable Asterisk call-center solutions for your business with the "Thursday QueueMetrics Webinar Series".

This is an opportunity for you to learn valuable information about effective call center management using QueueMetrics software.
Tune in and learn the answers to these questions:

How can you monitor calls in real time, generate accurate reports and analysis with a small budget investment
How can you supervise your agents daily workflow in deep details
How can you increase your customers satisfaction.

And much more.

Book free now

Loway announces its successful integration with Wazo, the unified communications platform for business, based on Asterisk technology.

QueueMetrics-Live call-center suite, is now fully integrated with Wazo IPBX.

This integration provides professional users with a top class solution for monitoring everything that happens in their call center, turning Wazo IPBX into a 360 degrees call centre platform with reporting and analytics.

For more information read

QueueMetrics news / QueueMetrics Tutorial: Synchronizer Module
« on: October 03, 2017, 11:53:25 »
In this new tutorial by Loway you will learn how to configure queues and agents in QueueMetrics call center manager software for Asterisk PBX, using the Synchronizer module functionalities.

Read the full tutorial:

QueueMetrics news / QueueMetrics Tutorial Parking Calls out now!
« on: September 20, 2017, 14:14:04 »
In this new QueueMetrics tutorial you will learn how to track calls, without relying only on a classic queue structure. This is especially useful when calls are routed to specific people or groups during defined events.
Discover how to use the parking lot tracking feature of QueueMetrics' Uniloader, that can be used to track parked calls "as if" they were normal calls handled on a queue.

Read it now at QueueMetrics official blog:

QueueMetrics news / Setting up a WebRTC softphone in QueueMetrics
« on: September 14, 2017, 09:44:22 »
The QueueMetrics call center suite collects Asterisk PBX data generating real time and historical reports for over 180 metrics, covering all the key categories of contact centre professional management.

The solution is available in cloud or on premise version and comes with an integrated WebRTC softphone.

Discover how to set up the QueueMetrics' WebRTC softphone in this brand new tutorial by Loway.

Read the full tutorial at QueueMetrics official blog:

Celebrating its 14th year, AstriCon is the longest-running event devoted to all things Asterisk, a free and open source framework for building communications applications that is downloaded nearly 2 million times per year.

This year AstriCon will be held October 3 - 5 at the Omni Orlando Resort at ChampionsGate.

Find the Loway team at booth number 20. There you will experience the 2017 software lineup with call center management solutions both on premise and cloud, and outbound campaigns management tools, like the new WombatDialer predictive dialer.

The new QueueMetrics 17.06 introduces several new features such as a professional "Wallboard editor" that lets you create powerful personalized wallboards to get a real time overview of the state of the contact centre, richer configuration editors, several new reports for supervisors and much more.

Attendees will also receive free full-featured trial versions of all the presented products and dedicated promotions for any purchase.

For more information visit

QueueMetrics Asterisk callcenter suite 17.06 introduces brand new functionalities and reports.

The Talk time per hour report breaks down all the agents' talk times in one-hour long timeslots.
The information is grouped by agent, so you can keep track of how many minutes or hours of conversation your agents are having daily, across a given period of time.

Discover QueueMetrics 17.06 today with a trial or webinar!

Download or upgrade here

QueueMetrics 17.06 introduces new functionalities, bugs corrections and reports.

A new report is now available to count how many calls were received having a specified skill set required.
This lets you see how multiple skill sets interact with each other, and the SLA results.

Discover QueueMetrics 17.06 now!

Download or upgrade here

Version 17.06 introduces some major new functionalities, bugs corrections and new reports.

The Synchronizer module is a functionality which goal is to assist the user in configuring QueueMetrics' queues and agents.

It reads a QueueMetrics defined source and current configuration; compares the two and generates a list of changes that, if executed, will upgrade the system. Then it displays these actions to the user, who can review them.

It also allows you to post the required single JSON object, and therefore to synchronize QueueMetrics in one single step.

Discover QueueMetrics 17.06 now!

Download or upgrade here

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