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Problems / JSON Report API missmatch V14 - V17
« on: February 12, 2018, 10:59:09 »

We are using JSON Reprot API with our QueueMetrics. But after upgrade from version 14 to version 17 we spot some issues which is holding us to use version 14. The problem is the change with some API calls we used to use. In all the cases we send a Queues ids to get only information related to queues we are interested in.

1. In earlier version RTRiassunto was returning information about the all queues passed by queues parameter including queues with no active call. Now it looks like it returns only those with active calls.

2. RTAgentsLoggedIn behaves even worse. We have both version running in parallel to make sure we are ready to make the switch. But the RTAgentsLoggedIn returns different number of logged in agents. While the newer version includes some other agents from other queues and field on_queues populated with the search value, so where is no way to trace which agent belongs to which queue.

It looks more like it completely ignores queues parameter or use it in some kind of different way.

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