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Scripting QueueMetrics / Updated working FlanTel wallboard
« on: June 17, 2015, 09:13:14 »
Hello all,
we updated the FlanTel wallboard to work out of the box with the latest version of QueueMetrics, plus we wrote a little doc about how to get started with it.
It is a good starting point to crete your own customized wallboard!
You can find it at

QueueMetrics news / Tracking MOH in Asterisk - alpha testers wanted
« on: January 18, 2015, 12:22:13 »
Hello all,
we are developing a tool to make it easy to track music-on-hold events on queue calls. At the moment QueueMetrics tracks and reports those events, but producing them used to be very complex and required patching and recompiling Asterisk.

The module is currently in private alpha stage, so it may not work at all and might require a bit of tweaking to get it up and running.

We are looking for alpha testers who would like to run it on their own system and get this important functionality added.

If you'd like to be in, please contact our support services and we'll send you a link.

The QueueMetrics dev team.

QueueMetrics news / QueueMetrics 14.06 released today
« on: June 18, 2014, 09:24:20 »
QueueMetrics version 14.06 is now available for download.

Release 14.06 offers significant improvements to the QueueMetrics package. They are centered around QueueMetrics Icon, the new innovative Agent Page.

The major changes implemented are:

- A complete QueueMetrics layout restyle.
- The new Icon Agent Page.
- The integrated WebRTC Softphone.
- The new JSON APIs for configuration and reporting.
- A new, easier to use IVR tracking mode.

We completely restyled QueueMetrics to match your demand for a fresher interface. The layout is now very clean and modern so that you can easily find what you need. A complete overhaul of the visual elements brings sharper windows corners, subtler drop shadows, more solid colors and a stylish font.

The new look-and-feel greatly improves usability, facilitates learning and makes using QueueMetrics daily a pleaser experience. In this perspective QueueMetrics has now a new Agent Page named "Icon". Icon is designed in order to provide you with the best usability combined with an innovative and minimalistic design that focuses all interactions with only one icon on a completely clean panel layout.

Following the generalized trend towards WebRTC, an innovative embedded soft-phone was integrated in Icon. It allows agents to receive and originate calls without an external SIP phone. This way you can provision new agents with only a modern browser and a pair of earphones - nothing to install on their workstations.

QueueMetrics now also benefits from a new JSON API that wraps and extends the old XML-RPC API. This is now the primary access API for QueueMetrics. From the JSON API you can access and modify all the QueueMetrics configuration.

Discover all the changes in the What's new in QueueMetrics 14.06 - - section of our website.

Asterisk Live: Marco Signorini, Loway Engineering Lead, speaks about the Icon agent page and the new WebRTC integrated softphone.

 In the new episode of Digium's Asterisk Live, Marco Signorini, Engineering Lead for Loway, describes some of the technical challenges that arise when engineering Asterisk solutions.
 The new QueueMetrics Agent Page makes use of WebRTC to provide the communications channel directly into the Agents browser application.

 Enjoy the full interview at

QueueMetrics news / New Icon agent page - sneak peek
« on: May 30, 2014, 15:38:41 »
We are glad to show you a preview trailer of QueueMetrics Icon - the all-new QueueMetrics Agent Page:

 Icon was designed in order to provide call center users and professionals with the best usability combined with an innovative and minimalistic design.
 Using Icon, agents can operate all the call-center functions with only one control icon.

We put several new exciting features in it.

First, we embedded controls on the page into draggable and resizable panels for each activity. This ensures that only the options actually in use are shown on the page, so that the work environment remains uncluttered and efficent.

Following the generalized trend towards WebRTC, we integrated an innovative embedded soft-phone in order to allow agents to receive and originate calls without an external SIP phone. So you can provision new agents with only a modern browser and a pair of earphones - nothing to install on their workstations.

 The page is built to easily embed your web-based CRM system and your intranet applications, and to switch quickly between different work contexts (queues, calls, CRM, and so on) using keyboard shortcuts to control all the panels.

Below a summary of major new features:
 - A workspace with draggable and resizable windows for each main activity.
 - Integrated WebRTC soft-phone.
 - Total integration with an external CRM and custom web pages.
 - Easier, intuitive queue login/logout and pause/unpause procedure.
 - Customizable agent display layout with sessions persistence.
 - Keyboard shortcuts for all the panels.

 We are looking forward to receive your feedbacks.

Icon will be officially released in June 2014, and will be freely included in QueueMetrics.
Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to test-drive QueueMetrics Icon in its current version - and don't forget to send us your feedback.

QueueMetrics news / Asterisk Call-Center survey 2014 released
« on: March 26, 2014, 11:54:36 »
We are glad to announce the release of our first call-centre customer satisfaction survey as a free eBook.

According to our corporate philosophy that binds accurate data measurement to relevant business improvements, we sent to our customers a survey about the usage of Asterisk® and QueueMetrics™ for their daily needs in call-centers management, analysis and statistics.

This was done to assess the perceived needs of existing customers so that we could prioritize future improvements. This is the first professional case study of its kind reported in the contact-center industry for installations based on Asterisk® technologies. Data collection for the survey was done in the period of October and November 2013 and treated as an anonymous on-line form. We did not collect personal information on respondents and didn't offer any prize or giveaway in order to avoid biasing the sample in our favor.

The results are quite interesting - get your free eBook here:

QueueMetrics news / QueueMetrics 14.03 released today
« on: March 13, 2014, 11:56:44 »
Release 14.03 is a bug-fix and performance-improvement release built on top of QueueMetrics 13.12. What you will surely notice is that QueueMetrics is now way faster when running actions on the server. This happens for example, when you log on agents to a set of queues. We also included many fixes that correct technical annoyances and make your experience smoother.

Under the hood, we made many changes to prepare the system for the next generation agent page that will debut in the next release.

The new page acts as an agents' workbench, including:
- a browser-embedded soft-phone
- all their CRM and intranet applications
- their presence and call information
- their inbound messages
...all within a simple and effective interface.

If you want to know more and test-drive the current version, we have an early-access program - please contact us. Comments are welcome!


#2197 - Interaction with Asterisk through the AMI now 10x faster
#2173 - The multi-stint pop-up is now included in the general call detail pop-up
#2249 - Calls connected to agents after agent was removed do not start a new session
#2144 - Added Drill-down methods for the Performance Tracker page
#2172 - Immediate pick-up on configuration changes (no more latency in showing queues)
#2234 - Compatible with the latest Oreka TR installation
#2287 - Additional caching of frequent SQL queries

See for a detailed description.

Bugs fixed

#2157 - Access to the Realtime page via XML-RPC might fail
#2219 - AGAW runner issue - wrong reference
#2277 - Agent page pop-ups abort if extension is missing
#2279 - Exception when parsing under non-existent session
#2125 - Added cache breaker to pop-ups
#2173 - Accessing multi-stint calls from block OD03
#2140 - Wrong counts in "Answered calls by custom groups" when reloading the page
#2191 - Excessive log at the "Severe" level
#2196 - Incorrect content-type in response for AJAX services
#2209 - Saner insert defaults for the queue_log table
#2226 - Possible XSS vulnerability fixed on the Error page
#2250 - The Agent's page would time out to '/queuemetrics/qm/undefined'
#2289 - Calls being originated would appear in the wrong order on the Agents page until connected

QueueMetrics news / New QueueMetrics website... at last!
« on: January 17, 2014, 14:49:08 »
Hello all,

The new support site for QueueMetrics is online. We designed the new site to provide all our clients with support in terms of documentation, webinars, presentations and social network optimization.

In perspective, we see that the web is evolving towards an approach based on visual communication and we want our products to in line with this philosophy, while maintaining our previous strong attention to documentation and self-service support.

It would be great for us if you could check out and let you know your ideas and suggestions.

- The Loway team

QueueMetrics news / QueueMetrics 13.12 released today
« on: December 13, 2013, 16:56:52 »
We are proud to announce that QueueMetrics 13.12 was release earlier today.

Here are the complete release notes. If are looking for a simpler introduction, please see our What's new in QueueMetrics 13.12 tutorial.

We recommend that you upgrade your QueueMetrics system.

Upgrades to QA

* Management by exception: you can dynamically filter which items you want to see in a QA form
* Overall QA summary: it is now possible to see an avaerage for the whole form
* Queue pull-down box: in QA and elsewhere, combo boxes are now searchable
* Hi-liting criteria not at target: in the Performace Tracker page you can higlight elements dynamically
* Editable names for QA levels: you can have different names or remove a score range altogehter from your forms
* Section-level shortcuts and auto-fails: it is possible to earmerk a QA item so that sets the score for the whole section to zero if it fails.

1894       Missing and zeroed items both show as N/A    
1914        QA: management by exception    
1915        Overall QA Summary    
1916        Easier way to select queue - Multiple Queue Pull Down Boxes    
1917        Hi-lite criteria not at target    
1918        Add the Call Detail Box to Performance Tracker    
1939        Link to call details from the QAS screen    
2052        Changing names to QA levels    
2061        Points by section in QA form    
2062        Section-level auto-fails    
2067        Section-level shortcuts    
2096        Forms with data in them should not be editable    

* Automated refresh on agent events when running in ActivePolling mode
* Correct sort order of calls
* Setting of call statuses
* Improved support for IE
* Correct display of conversation time for live calls

1885        Agent page: add cache breaker for IE    
1888        Agent page: Call order    
1890        Talking time refresh on the realtime agent page    
1967        Agent page does not refresh if no login or no calls are present    
1969        Agent dialout issue (on popup)    
2016        Agent code locking should NOT be on from the RT page    
2025        After 30 min. is not possible to change call status    


* The action wand does not disappear anymore
* Correct IVR timing
* A few fixes on how agents were counted in corner cases

1891        Wand too easy to hide    
1904        Incorrect number of agents per queue on the RT page    
1933        Detecting queue changes in Rt page    
1937        Wrong number of agents in queue    
2058        Incorrect IVR time in realtime page    


* Improved generation of XLS and PDF documents
* Percentages of calls taken and lost displayed on top of the page
* A few fixes for IVR measurement
* Improved Oreka integration for audio/video playback

1889        Oreka: will not retrieve files in Centralized/Secure    
1898        Agent outcomes    
1911        Recording export will not work with an authenticated OrkWeb session    
1913        Custom report pages    
1924        New data block: Report summary    
1925        Wrong IVR time on lost calls    
1953        Error: XLS export: too many rows    
1954        Error: XLS export: sheet already present    
1971        PDF & XLS files generated by QM does not support the French and Korean characters    
1973        Realtime and historical report agent sessions shows different results    
2054        Show percentages on top page    


1882        [CRM] SugarCRM    
1883        [CRM] VTIGER    
1884        CRM integration    


2043        New transfer verbs in Asterisk 12    
2057        Support Callweaver AMI    
2064        Watchdog to check if the system is still running    


1886        Query cache: wrong stats on reset    
1887        Cache: partition name should be case-insensitive    
1893        Turning off QM news leaves title visible    
1898        Agent outcomes    
1903        Incorrect SLA data out of XML-RPC interface    
1912        Moving payroll sessions to the same timestamp    
1928        Recordings for another call is shown on the call detail    
1938        Pause codes of type ADMIN    
1940        Removing a payroll note from the GUI
1949        Templates are not read by the configuration wizard
1957        Firefox clears all user keys
1958        Error changing pause codes - nothing happens
1961        Avoid logging run times as SEVERE
1970        Asterisk 1.8 for outbound calls shows a warning
1992        Can't set the 'Call Flow' option of a queue as 'Undefined'
1993        Queues with 'Undefined' call flow have no icon    
2023        Enlarge Default Queue URL    
2044        Filter do not clear    
2048        Error when sorting by description in Agent Groups    
2053        Graphs in IE appear all black
2055        Add key to demoadmin in rpm install
2086        Graphs disappear with HTML5 doctype
2089        Wrong title in report (Portuguese)    

Running WombatDialer / Exporting a list of calls from the WD reports
« on: November 21, 2013, 19:06:53 »
A number of people are asking to have a way to export a list of calls to Excel/CSV from the WombatDialer reports page. We plan to implement this in the upcoming release - tracking this as bug #2070 - but meanwhile you can use the following query:

Code: [Select]
SELECT, H.hopName,
    CR.number, as LST,
    L.attempted, L.waitPre, L.waitAfter,, L.statusCode, L.astUnique,
    L.nRetry, L.nextRetry
 FROM call_logs L, hopper H, campaigns C, call_records CR, call_lists CL
WHERE L.hopCamp = H.hopId
  AND H.campaign = C.campaignId
  AND L.callId = CR.callId
  AND L.listId = CL.listId
   -- Search here ---
  AND like '%name%'
  AND L.attempted BETWEEN '2013-01-16 17:53:00'
                      AND '2013-01-16 17:54:00'

You should set the as the name of the campaign you want to report on and the dates on L.attempted below (optional) are for a date range.

This gets you the information you need, and you can copy and paste it to your favorite spreadsheet from a  MySQL GUI...

QueueMetrics news / Welcome SoftBCom to our reseller network
« on: October 30, 2013, 12:46:28 »
We are extremely happy to announce that we signed a business partnership agreement with SoftBCom , a major Russian IT-services and consulting company, working in IT infrastructure optimization, IT security and telecommunications.

SoftBcom will promote and distribute the advanced Asterisk call center suite QueueMetrics as well as the line up for call center business optimization and analysis.

We welcome SoftBCom on board.

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