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MySQL storage and Qloaderd / database needs updating
« on: February 17, 2012, 19:54:34 »
Hi there,

We have problem earlier this morning on Queuemetrics -- the server HD was full. After I cleared some space, the QM run gave me "QueueMetrics JDBC connection tester" window and told me "We have detected that your QueueMetrics database needs updating.". After I clicked the "Start Database Check", I got all OK except "Checking database revision - required version:19    Error    Java Error: DB revision error: was 11 - required 19". How do I update the DB version to 19? Please help. Thank you.


Running QueueMetrics / queue level never worked -- please help
« on: May 24, 2010, 23:09:29 »
Hi there,

I have problem with the queue level. According to the UserManual_1602, page 27, it says ----

Each agent may be flagged as being a member of four priority groups:
Main: the agents usually answering the queue
Spill: the agents answering the queue if all "Main" agents are busy or unavailable
Wrap: the agents answering the queue if all "Main" and "Spill" agents are busy or unavailable
Undefined: this agent is not a member of any priority group for this queue
This feature is useful if priority groups are used in the queue configuration. If they are not used, just assign
all agents to "Main" for each queue. ----

but from extension_queuemetrics.conf, I didn't see any queue levels be added to the agents:
exten => 25,3,AddQueueMember(${QUEUENAME},Local/${AGENTCODE}@from-internal)

and indeed, it's never worked for us. So here is the problem: we are using queues to route language calls, let's say i have Agent A speak only English, and Agent B speaks Chinese and English. According to what I have learned, the queues are handled separately, that means Agent B will answer around 2 times of calls that Agent A does depend on how many calls in each queue. That's obvious unfair for the agents. And that's why I want English is the 2nd level for Agent B.

We really need this function since we do have agents that speak couple languages. Please let me know how do I need to configure to accomplish this. Thanks.


Running QueueMetrics / queue call questions please help
« on: May 18, 2010, 21:49:41 »
Hi support,

i have 2 scenarios i need help:
1. agent is on a queue call -- in the realtime page, it shows correct status. but when another call come in (in another queue she is assigned), the call come to her in the second line if Call waiting is enabled. how do i prevent that happening?
2. agent is on a queue (queue A) call -- at that time, she was only one for queue A, then another call come in queue A, it will stay in queue. agent is also assigned for another queue (queue B), but there are other agents in queue B at that time. after the agent hung up the 1st call, it happened a call came in queue B, and it rang to her, so the call in queue A still stay in queue. is it suppose the 1st call be answered 1st? I'd rather she answer the call in queue A and let others answer the call in queue B. How to configure that?

Thank you very much.


Hi there,

we are starting to use QM online, here i got 2 problems:
1. I got an agent logged in with skill 120, he is available from realtime page, then i got a call come in to that skill. I can see it from realtime page, but keep waiting, it's not going to the agent -- i disconnected it at waiting time 4:21. this happened once in a while, most of the time, and most of other skills works fine. why is this happening?
2. I tried to monitor from the admin realtime page, i put in the monitor extension, it dials, i pick the call, but hear nothing. what should i configure to make it work? Another thing, how do i enable monitor for supervisor page?


Running QueueMetrics / Enable Agent page
« on: April 15, 2010, 17:38:14 »

I try to make the Agent page work, but don't know how. When I logged in an Agent ID "agent/6301", I see the home page, under Inbound calls, I clicked "Show Inbound Calls for Agent/6301", go in "Active calls for agent XXX XXX", then it shows "Agent status cannot be determined". I read the menu under "Enabling Agent's page actions", I don't really understand what should be done. Would you please explain more details on how to fix this? BTW, I installed queuemetrics on top of Elastix 1.5.2. Thank you.



I tried to setup outbound call queue on my Elastix system. If I use queuedial, which will report outbound calls by extension, it works fine. but when I tried to use queuedial-loggedon (I have copied from this forum), I always here "Agents logged off". Here is the line under [queuedial-loggedon]
from the asterisk console I saw this:
    -- Executing [1991NXXNXXXXXX@queuedial-loggedon:3] Set("Local/1991NXXNXXXXXX@queuedial-loggedon-4052,2", "QDIALER_AGENT=Agent/") in new stack
in which, q-199 is outbound queue, and 1NXXNXXXXX is the phone number I dialed. It didn't get the agent ID as expected. By the way, I did logged in, and I changed status to pause cause I don't want receive inbound calls while I dialed out.

Please help. Thanks.


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