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QueueMetrics Asterisk callcenter suite 17.06 introduces brand new functionalities and reports.

The Talk time per hour report breaks down all the agents' talk times in one-hour long timeslots.
The information is grouped by agent, so you can keep track of how many minutes or hours of conversation your agents are having daily, across a given period of time.

Discover QueueMetrics 17.06 today with a trial or webinar!

Download or upgrade here

QueueMetrics 17.06 introduces new functionalities, bugs corrections and reports.

A new report is now available to count how many calls were received having a specified skill set required.
This lets you see how multiple skill sets interact with each other, and the SLA results.

Discover QueueMetrics 17.06 now!

Download or upgrade here

Version 17.06 introduces some major new functionalities, bugs corrections and new reports.

The Synchronizer module is a functionality which goal is to assist the user in configuring QueueMetrics' queues and agents.

It reads a QueueMetrics defined source and current configuration; compares the two and generates a list of changes that, if executed, will upgrade the system. Then it displays these actions to the user, who can review them.

It also allows you to post the required single JSON object, and therefore to synchronize QueueMetrics in one single step.

Discover QueueMetrics 17.06 now!

Download or upgrade here

With QueueMetrics suite for Asterisk call center management you can create custom wallboards dragging and dropping components, changing colors, size and adding alarms. Wallboards are made up of multiple views that can rotate periodically.

Learn how to easily create effective wallboards for your daily call center management.

Watch the tutorial

With QueueMetrics suite for Asterisk 17.06 you can create custom wallboards dragging and dropping graphical components, changing colors, size and adding custom alarms.
Wallboards are made up of multiple views that rotate periodically and run in kiosk mode.

Learn how to quickly create effective and powerful wallboards for your daily call center management.

Read the tutorial

Release 17.06 introduces major new features and represents a significant evolution of the way you interact with the software on a daily basis and over 70 bugs has been fixed since version 16.09.

New features include a “Wallboard editor” that lets you create customizable wallboards to get a real time overview of the state of the call center and a DirectAMI mode that makes the interaction with the PBX quicker without editing any dial-plan code.

Agents can now use their e-mail to log in and new reports are available to supervisors.

For more information about QueueMetrics 17.06 read the full press release

Discover how WombatDialer, predictive dialer for Asterisk, determines available agents and channels on a given queue. Boost your outbound campaigns efficiency and management.

David Puckett, Product Line Manager at Yeastar, talks about present and future of call centers based on Asterisk technology, S-Series integration advantages and best practice in this brand new interview on Loway call center Guru blog.

Read the full interview

QueueMetrics-Live call-center suite, is now fully integrated with the Yeastar S-Series VoIP PBX.

This provides professionals with a top notch solution for monitoring everything that happens in their call center, turning S-Series VoIP PBX into a 360 degrees call centre platform. QueueMetrics identifies trends and analyses metrics in a VoIP network with complete stats reporting, queue management, call tracking and advanced monitoring features.

More info:

If call center customers were annoyed with your IVR/Call Flow, and were so motivated to hang up out of frustration and call your competitor – wouldn’t you rather know about it, rather than ignore it?

Discover how to make it as easy as possible for your customers to transact with you in this new article by "The IVR Voice" Allison Smith

Read more

New Behind the scenes at Loway blog article: how Clojure log parsing helps QueueMetrics Live cloud service stay up at all times.

Read it full:

Why do you need Music-on-Hold tracking?

Because this is an important proxy of the quality of your service.
Time on-hold is a symptom of issues in daily handling calls.

QueueMetrics software provides detailed metrics about time on hold using its next-generation data loader: Uniloader.
Uniloader replaced the classic qloader upload tool and includes some new features like Music on Hold tracking.

Read the full tutorial

Learn the essentials of WombatDialer predictive dialer for Asterisk PBX with Loway's new training courses.
Certification is included and the course is available in English or Spanish language.

Our training is designed to guide you through creation of unlimited calling number campaigns with focus on practical knowledge for fully automated telecasting, reverse IVRs and classic, agent-based, outbound campaigns.
Lots of helpful information and examples are included, together with references to online resources, including socials and video channels, for additional information and further learning.

Some of the topics covered include:

- WombatDialer full features overview
- Administrative functionalities
- Operational functionalities
- Reporting functionalities
- API functionalities
And much more.

For detailed information follow the link below:

QueueMetrics news / New WombatDialer Webinar Series Announced
« on: March 23, 2017, 14:55:34 »
Loway is glad to launch a new webinar series dedicated to its predictive dialer for Asterisk PBX: the WombatDialer.

Learn about Loway's predictive dialer software:

 - How does it work?
 - Which are its main features?
 - Common and less common applications
 - See it in action
 - Benefits for your call-center.

Reserve your Webinar seat now and check Loway's website to see upcoming webinars.

Registrations at

Press Release:

Loway celebrates the Release Anniversary of QueueMetrics-Live with a limited time promotion.
Each new customer buying a subscription of QueueMetrics-Live receives one month bonus with 30 day money back guaranteed, plus a free installation and initial configuration of the system.


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