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Hi theeu,

that's a known bug, we will fix it with the next release of QueueMetrics

Kind Regards

Running QueueMetrics / Re: Editing Wallboard.
« on: August 02, 2017, 08:47:41 »
Hi riccor,

you need to add the following keys to your user:


And yes it is supposed to work if you use the masterkey so that's a bug (that happens for me as well) so we'll have that fixed asap.


Hi Aleksey,

is this a new machine or did you updated the old one?
What was the old version?


We added this bug to our bug tracking system and our developers will solve it accordingly to their schedule.
Thanks for your understanding.

Hi Yukon92,

you can use FreePBX methods to login/logout to the queues but I don't think you can use a password with that.

Otherwise you can write a custom dialplan, evaluate an agent code and a password, then use the QueueMetrics API in order to log the agent into the desired queues:


Ok but QueueMetrics expect agents to be added with that method otherwise you can have this kind of problems

How are you logging your agents? Doesn't look like an "add queue member" but an "agent logon"; what happens in queue_log when you log the agents.



does it get any better if you remove the "Agents: Members" filter?


Hi! Sorry for the late reply but yesterday it was holiday here in Switzerland  ;)

That's weird actually; please send us your DirectAMI configuration; also if you can send us the output of the Asterisk CLI when you attempt a pause and unpause.

Thanks  :)

Hi, in general when an agent logs in the queues in cluster mode they also have to decide in which server to connect; the AMI commands will be sent directly form QM to that specific server. Not sure I have responded completely tour question though, in case let me know.


Hi there, actually if you are runnning the latest version of QM you should check out the DirectAMI option (12.5.3: )

Hi, in freepbx that's normally included from extensions_custom.conf (that file won't be rewritten with freepbx updates).

BTW you can verify that the dialplan is correctly included in Asterisk with:

asterisk -rx "dialplan show queuemetrics"

I'm sure you have it and that it is working because otherwise it's impossible for QM to perform actions on the PBX


Hi there;

actually we like to use SIP/ in order to keep everything compatible with all flavours of Asterisk (freePBX and so on); that may cause some incompatibility with built in login/logout/pause/unpause methods and other issues; basically better not mix up QM login methods with other one.
Anyway you can modify the QueueMetrics dialplan (usually /etc/asterisk/extensions_queuemetrics.conf) in order to log in the queues the kind of interface you prefer so you can make it compatible with your Asterisk implementation, (seach SIP/ in the document to see where it is used).

Remember to reload the dialplan after you save the file (asterisk -rx "dialplan reload")

Hi Jeff, the problem is both tomcat8 and java8, from the next release QM will be fully compatible with them.

General Asterisk configuration / Re: Queuemetrics and PJSIP
« on: May 30, 2017, 08:32:09 »
We will probably release a specific dialplan, although the switch is very easy:

search SIP/ and replace with PJSIP/

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